Friday, February 4, 2011


This post is specially dedicated to all my students especially for those who are taking PA101- Fundamentals of Accounting and PA201-Financial Accounting 1.

accounting can be an easy subject but it needs practice. so, here are some tips for the students, how they can study accounting effectively.

1. review all the materials you have covered in the course. especially lecture notes which I've given you during this course. it can be lengthy but if you have been working with the materials it shouldn't take long.

2. make sure you come to the test/final exam preparation class.

3. set up a study team. and after that you will be better prepared for any questions that may be asked.

4. ask questions if there is any materials that you are not sure of. approach me or ask your friend in the class.

5. sorry to disappoint you, but accounting isn't like math.

6. take some satisfaction in the fact that you're doing something difficult. even though accounting is a marketable skills, it's not the very best reason to study it. the best reason to study accounting is that it helps you to develop your analytic thinking ability.

7. and lastly, sometimes bad things happen. if nothing else motivates you to study, please remember this. it is impossible to get "D" or "F" in an accounting course, unless you're a lazy student. keep this fact in you mind and use this as motivation especially when you're debating whether to study accounting or go out to JITRA MALL!!!!!

well, i wish luck !!!!!!!!!!!!
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